I am Diane DeKelb-Rittenhouse; a mother, a wife, a cat-owner, a union leader, a radical left Christian, a political activist of the progressive persuasion.  I have been an actress, a politician, a belly dancer, an astrologer, a comic-book character, a tarot card reader, a Philadelphian, a Manhattanite, a student of ancient history and medieval lit.

But intrinsically and essentially, before I was any of those things and long after I will be most of them, I am a writer: someone who bleeds ink, devours words and could more easily give up breathing than writing.  I am a spinner of dreams and a weaver of fantasies and I hope you find, among the offerings presented here, an otherworld in which you can enjoyably pass the time.

My stories come in different lengths and moods and genres.  Some are intended for young adults, others are targeted at an adult audience.  All of them are informed by my experiences, the experiences of those around me, the experiences I have read about second hand.  They are inspired by lines of song, narratives of history, words of poetry, news headlines, conversations engaged in or overheard, waking dreams and living nightmares.   Or, something my editors and publishers decided they needed and asked me to create.

On this site, you will find information on the stories, novels and essays I have published, links to places where they can be purchased, and perhaps a few links to other writers I know, or organizations that support writers.  There is a blog where you can read what I’m up to, and on which you are welcome to comment.  Or, if you are shy, and don’t want to make a public comment, feel free to e-mail me: Diane@ddrwrites.com

If you are a young adult, or someone who enjoys young adult literature, then definitely check out my page for Tiny Satchel Press, the publisher of my award-winning novel, Immortal Longings.  Tiny Satchel is dedicated to bringing young readers a wide spectrum of diverse and inclusive characters who are not often represented in mainstream fiction.

So have a look around and if you have time, drop me a line to let me know what you think.  Above all…enjoy.