Book of Forests



Faerie Rings: The Book of Forests

Genres: | Young Adult | Fantasy

Rose Seward would love to believe the old family story Great Aunt Edith used to tell Rose and her younger siblings, Brian and Lily.  Who wouldn’t want to be descended from Gwenhafar, a princess of Faerie who fell in love with a mortal knight and left Faerie to be with him?  Great Aunt Edit always swore it was the perfect truth, but at fourteen, Rose is old enough to know the tale is nothing more than make-believe.   Ten-year-old Lily knows that Rose is wrong.

Now, Great Aunt Edith is gone, the Sewards have inherited the family home, and will be spending the whole summer there.  But as they go through closets and boxes of old clothing, jewelry and family photos, the children begin to realize that there may have been more to Great Aunt Edith’s stories than a fanciful legend.  There are rings to which each child is attracted, and which they are permitted to keep as mementos of their aunt.  There is also an ancient, leather bound book covered in runes sitting on the shelves; The Book of Forests.  And there is a wooden door with a stained glass window that normally opens onto a dead rose garden.

But sometimes, it opens onto something else entirely.

Rose doesn’t believe what The Book of Forests tells them, and what Lily says she has known all along: that the Green Door can open into the ancient and magical land of Faerie.  But when Rose finds that Brian has disappeared, having used the Book to open the Green Door, Rose has no choice but to follow him, understanding that Faerie, though beautiful, can be dangerous.

Brian and Rose have always enjoyed playing an online game, Elvan Warriors.  Now, they find themselves battling ogres only to be rescued by real elven warriors who bring the three children to the throne of Mab, Queen of Faerie.

From the back cover:

As the trio delve deeper into the beautiful land of Faerie, they lose any memory of heir lives in Marchland and become immersed in a world of crystal trees that sing in the wind, flowers made of colored mists, tiny pixies with iridescent wings, unicorns that outrun the wind and dragons with scales that glint like fire.  But there are also ogres,  trolls, goblins and winged monsters called flits, while both the dwarves and wolves that take the form of men might be on the verge of war.  Then there are the mysterious, deadly, half-serpent half-human lamia…

Will Rose, Brian and Lily be able to save themselves and Faerie, which is under threat from a hidden source?  Or will they be lost to both themselves and their former lives in a land whose secrets involve them in a way they could have never imagined in a world whose secrets threaten their very lives?

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