Kill Switch Review


Genres: | Science Fiction

I’m co-author on this one.  Best-selling author Steven-Elliot Altman brought me on board with his novel after he had completed the initial draft.  Steve is quite the visionary, and it was a privilege to work with him.

From the back cover:

By the year 2156, stem cell therapy has triumphed over aging and disease, expanding the human lifespan indefinitely.  But only for those who have achieved Conscientious Citizen Status.  To combat overpopulation, the U.S. has sealed her borders, instituted compulsory contraception, and made technology-assisted suicide readily available.  Yet in a world where the old can remain vital forever, the young have little hope of prosperity.

Jason Haggerty is an investigator for the government agency responsible for dispensing personal hand-held devices that record a citizen’s final moments.  When three teens state an illegal public suicide, Haggerty suspects their deaths ma have been murders.  Now he must uncover proof and prevent a nationwide epidemic of of copycat suicides.  Trouble is, for the first time in history, an entire generation might just decide they’re better off dead.

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