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Kiss from a Rose

One of the (many) fun things that happened at this year’s GCLS con was that I met Liz McMullen, of Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories.  Not only did Liz have me as a guest on her webcast, but she invited me back to do a reading for her Halloween special.

I’ve had an idea running around in my brain for a lesbian Vampire romance set in the Regency era.  So, yeah, a Lesbian Vampire Regency Romance.  Because you can never have enough genres.  Working title is Mistress of the Dark.  I haven’t been able to do more than jot down a few ideas and a scene or two, because I’m focused on Dead Boyfriends, my YA hetero vampire romance, due out from Tiny Satchel Press next year.  When Liz invited me to participate in her Halloween special, though, I immediately thought of the opening scene I’ve got planned for MotD.  I thought it would be perfect for the show, even though I hadn’t written it. *G*

Now, a lot of things happen between initial drafts and final manuscripts, so who knows if the scene, as I ended up writing it, will actually make it into the book?  Even if it does, there is a good chance it will be in a totally different form.  Nevertheless, that scene, now titled Kiss from a Rose – A Halloween Fairy Tale for Wicked Children, was completed (about five minutes before it was time to call Liz to read it to her, lol!) and is part of her special.

You can find the special at this URL:

You can click on any of the authors to check out our stories.  When you get to mine, click on the slideshow to hear me read it (and listen to some banter between me and Liz).  There is also a PDF file of the story for your reading pleasure.

Liz is a great host, and I had an insanely good time with her.  Check out the link, and enjoy!



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