Short Stories and Essays


To Die For in Night Bites: Vampire Stories by Women

Genres: |Vampires|Erotic Horror|

Best described as oversexed teenaged vampires on motorcycles.

“She moved against him like silk on skin…”

According to the Library Journal, in this story “…seduction hits an all-time erotic high.”


Femme Coverte in Night Shade: Gothic Tales by Women

Genres: |Romantic Horror|Historical Romance|

In early 18th century Louisiana, sons inherit over daughters, a married woman’s property belongs to her husband, and people are property.  A young woman learns a thing or two about empowerment and equality from a change of perspective, when she sees the world through the eyes of a wolf.


 Gifted in Touch: Epidemic of the Millennium

Genres: |Science Fiction|Romance|

Having lost his inner muse, a young musician falls for one of flesh and blood: an older woman who can permanently deprive someone of the sense of hearing by a single touch.  Based on Steven-Elliot Altman’s Deprivers concept, and written for his collection of Depriversthemed stories created to benefit charity.


Access Denied in Out for More Blood: Tales of Malice and Retaliation by Women

Genres: |Murder Mystery|Romance|Lesbian|

More a whydunnit than a whodunnit, Access Denied recounts the difficulties a young lesbian encounters when, upon the death of her parents, she is left to raise her younger siblings while trying to earn a college degree.


(Adventures in) Transformation in Bed: New Lesbian Erotica

Genres: |Lesbian Erotica|

A young woman trades in her old boyfriend for a new girlfriend…and her girlfriend.


Three stories in The Golden Age of Lesbian Erotica.  This collection of lesbian fiction from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s was begun by the late Tee Corinne, just as her final illness was beginning to take hold.  She asked noted lesbian activist Victoria A. Brownworth to complete the work, and Victoria, in turn, asked me to help with the research end of things.  It was eventually decided to add stories by contemporary writers set in each decade.  Originally, three of us were to each select a decade and write a story taking place in that time period, but the other two writers had to drop out so….  Lucky I like history and research.

Jazz Babies  Of marriage, beards, and “passing” in the 1920s.

Harlow Blonde Two girls run away from home to join the Ziegfield Follies.  Years later, as lovers, they go off to 1930s Hollywood.  What price success?  They find out from the Harlow Blonde.

Make Do  During World War II, there are food rations, gas rations, fabric rations and people make do with what they can get.  Even the airforce makes do with women pilots in the W.A.S.P. to ferry aircraft from factories to military bases, freeing men for combat.  Not that the women are recognized as a branch of the military.  Libby’s main interests in life are flying planes and chasing skirts.  But while she spends her days flying planes and her nights with the gals of the USO, another side of her emerges in the tender letters she writes to the mysterious Martha.





Sex and the Single Vampire: The Evolution of the Vampire Lothario and its Representation in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer in Fighting the Forces: Whats at Stake in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.  An academic essay exploring the folkloric roots of the vampire, its early appearances in Western literature, and the evolution of the type from peasant bloodsucker to aristocratic debaucher to romantic hero/anti-hero.

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